Everyone should have some philosophies in life. One of mine is that if you don't listen carefully, you will miss the call for YOUR opportunity.

So, I said ... philosophies - more than one.

Living by one philosophy is like reading just one book:

It may seem complete, but can never be. Whoever collected the writings in the book had a purpose. YOU are not that person, and can never be that person, group, whatever.
If someone tries to sell you a book as being that complete, then you should be careful to ask and hear the price.
This is not to say that there are not a great many worthy books. And I believe there are many that can enrich, improve, correct, inspire, and teach most any person in their life. But one, only?
Very one dimensional thinking. And can have only one future.

I would like to believe there are many futures possible.
I would like to believe my sons can help create a future of their own choosing, and not be bound by only one.

Can't win if you don't play; don't play if you can't win.
Can't win? Probably not a game: cheat or cooperate.
Or buy the game.
Not clear? Ask your guardian for more meds: you shouldn't be allowed to play.
(Follow the rules-or-make the rules - its up to YOU.)

This takes some time to learn.
This is more commonly expressed as:

Pick your own fights, don't let the fights pick you.

We all start with baggage. Even if it is pleasant baggage. My parents raised me. If life were perfect, I would suddenly be an adult, having experienced no rebellious stages, when some arbitrary date arrives. I will then, suddenly, be capable of making all my own decisions, have and exercise good judgement, have all knowledge required, and have a livelihood that supports my desired lifestyle.

How many times has that happened in the history of mankind?

So, usually, one of two things happen:

You fight the fights of your parents, or you dodge the fights of your parents and choose others. Either way, they are rarely the fights you would choose if YOU were really in control.
Think about what you want. Think about how you feel things should be. It takes from 3 years to maybe a decade before most people have a hint about what they want that is NOT what they are reacting to as a result of how they were raised. (And, sadly, we never are able to completely throw off the shackels our parents/environment/history places on us. <sigh> I will always know English. I may learn another language, but I will never forget.)


Plankton, cows, sheep, bananas, cheeseburgers – food

Girlfriends, grandmas, children, chimpanzees, forests, oceans – victims

or are you a predator?

If you don't know the difference, you are probably a predator.