Static Lib Notes

Number one rule to win: divide and conquer.

Easiest way to write a program, and keep on track:
1 - Write down what it does, under that:
2 - write down the steps needed to get there, under each step:
3 - write what is needed to complete this step, under each:
4 - write the code

More complex, maybe; on small jobs - simpler after experience. You get the idea.

If your project is not small, divide and conquer.
Identify repetitive tasks; identify standardized tasks.
Your file access will not change for each module: its data structure will be (somewhat) fixed in stone. Write a set of routines that simply access and write data. Put them in a separate library. Never touch them again. If you change the data structure, you only have one place to go to make changes.

Write your gui. Standardize the calls into it. Make every each task a separate sub/function. All will look the same; only one place for changes.


Use a header/include file to hold the declarations and common dim statements.
Put a 'guard' in it so it can only be loaded once. My example runs the fbc compiler four times.
If you only pasted the files into one file, the header would be included four times.

This will not work!

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