I researched langauges for a long time before I settled on FreeBASIC.

I came across D.

Strings, arrays built in. More. Fast. Not large executables.

I learned well enough to do some file work, and also to convert a fairly large forecasting spreadsheet into a correctly working app.

I tried to learn more.
I thought I would spreadsheet the keywords with shortcuts to the help files.

I quit at over 4500 keywords and separate defined uses.

It is a one-man-show, ten years old, with 10 year old bugs, and no real bug list. Sure, there is a genius assisting the work, but the fixes are kloodgey and arbitrary. A thousand 'traits' to modify behavior. Get real.

Might as well learn C++.

I should update this. D is not what it was, and seems a little more mainstream, now. But I won't. Check it out yourself.