BRUCE – Barnes' Rather Unique Cognitive Entity

A (virtual) cubic array of flexible, unassigned neural nodes, with multiple fixed inputs and outputs spaced strategically around the array.

The node logic is flexible and self-deterministic. Internal feedback features provide self-excitation, self-control, opportunity for self-training. External support systems provide persistent and deep memory and a few dedicated functions in advance of NNET learned replacement. (Example: text/speech in/out.) Training can be external or internal data match/optimization, self-acquired patterns, internal or external positive/negative feedback.

Goal: training through conversation. ??? 4 matched CPU/board/mem sets for increased nnet processing throughput and larger nnet space. (120g ram) / (24byte nnet size) = 5g nnet nodes

My thought: Humans don't (very often) produce even ONE horsepower.
Every attempt at general AI is using literally tens of thousands of horse power - and still without success.

I *think* I will need less than 50 four-core systems to do what I want. More than one horsepower, but less than a dedicated nuclear power plant. Just a LITTLE more than my solar panels will produce, maybe.