Of course this is about me. No ... no one else wrote that nice stuff on the front page about me.

Do I go backwords? Or do I go from the back to the front?
No one really cares, so, here goes.

I am over 60. I have been retired more than 10 years, now. A career in a major Telco. It was a job, then a job I hated, then a job that wasn't bad, then was the best job ever, then ... was time to quit.
Our inept CEO took a large package and sold us out to a greedy company back east. Talk about downhill from there!

Overall, I liked my bosses. Even when I disagreed LOUDLY - they weren't bad. They had jobs to do. They were frequently led down a path by their superiors. Why do upper management people think that those below have no clue what is going on? Those below are the ones that make them a success, because most try hard to accomplish the task given to them by their boss.

I was very fortunate to have been in a position to help both the customer and the hourly get the best out of our company. Sure, I was management for the last part of my career, but I never forgot that nothing happened if our workers didn't care. And have good tools, and training, and just information about their jobs. I was fortunate that, for many years, I had pretty much been allowed unrestricted access to most all of our company. And been given personal freedom to exercise my talents wherever I felt. Some felt I traveled too much, some - others, not enough. Certainly, I absorbed literally thousands of dollars in travel expenses just to help my boss keep eyes off of me. And don't regret it.

People loved me, or they hated me. Or both. If I showed up at a supervisors desk hundreds of miles away, they knew something was really, really wrong. But they knew that I would support into upper management whatever needed to be done to correct the problem. Well, most knew.

That's history.

More history:

I've worked in a junk yard
I've sold pots and pans
I've sold real estate
I have been a landlord
I worked with judges
I worked with prisoners
I had a car and a motorcycle before I had a license
I've been friends with convicted murderers
I've been solicited to sell gold bars
I've been solicited to go to private school paid for by the school
I've been solicited to study for the bar
I've been chased and finally been caught by police, to be apologized to and invited to lunch
        multiple times
I have watched my vehicle go one way while I have gone another - multiple times
I have sat and been patient while watching and waiting for a vehicle to crash into me at full speed on a freeway. I was stopped.Properly knowing how to relax can be so valuable.
        Cars totalled. No injuries.

I consider myself lucky - maybe because I don't usually wait for luck.


This is about me, remember? Of course there is more.

While the Matrix and Ghost in the Shell are excellent productions, I think that TRON and 1984 will more likely be our fate. Corporate control, not always behind the scenes. Most of the public with no clue or desire to know what is really going on and who has control.
Most people in the USA don't believe that what has happened in EVERY other major culture will happen to them. Corruption at the top, widening of class gaps, loss of freedom of the non-privileged. They forget why we are here, not still in England, or Ireland, or Poland, Or Africa, or ...
A native 'American' should ask a 'native' American (or an immigrant) about freedom and how to lose it.

The Bourne series is a favorite movie series. His talent comes from inside. Like Batman.
There really are people out there *that* good at what they do.

I have a few personal philosophies.
I have a few toys I like to play with.