Web Design


I have been involved in one way or another with the web since WAY before it was the web.

If you really want to see innovation and creativity, see if you can find some of the old BBS sites' references.
(Really, if you want to know how the whole internet/web universe came to be,  you may be better educated by looking there than listening to all the people claiming to be creators of ... just about anything you see on the web today.)


Easily 70% of the 'professional' sites that you look at today really has only one purpose - whatever it was that you searched for and got, however you were referred or linked: money.


Most of those sites have three columns presented to you.

What were you looking for?

If you are lucky, the center column addresses your search. Hopefully, 50% of the 'hits' on the search list - might be as little as 5 on the page presented because ads crowd out the search - actually serve up information relevant to your search query. Sad truth: even your search list and page is carefully crafted to serve enough to keep you coming back, while presenting so many misleads toward $$$ sites that you wonder if even THOSE few were not guided by some financial push to get them listed on the first page.

How many of the columns *might* refer to your topic?

It is almost traditional, now.
You can ignore the right column: it is most often a set of revolving and sometimes too frequently repeating advertisements that MAY be related to your search.

The left column is now usually self-promotions by the site to tease you to see what else you may be interested in.

The few exceptions to the three column 'rule' are the few sites with so much traffic, that even a sparse ad injected here or there can only be bought with huge $$$.


Maybe I am a cynic and not embracing the new world.


Maybe I am just too old and remember that the internet was specifically developed and funded by YOUR public taxes to provide access to, and share, knowledge to everyone. (Well, those with the privilege of access, anyway.)

Oh, if you expected something else:
This all done by: myself
using: Kompozer (now Bluefish), in Linux, with no attempt whatsoever to get fancy
why: it is all freeeeeeeeeeeee, and I won't have to update
my computer next year to keep up with Micro$oft
goal: just to put some words out there if anyone wanted to ask about me
contact: why would I want to talk to you?

But if you really want to, somewhere on this site is my email

and not forgetting:

yes - it is still and always about me

As it should always be.
My advice to you:

Make everything around you about you.
No one else is going to do it.
You are the best to decide about

If you want it - YOU go get it.
If you don't, you will only get leftovers from someone else.

But don't be greedy: there is enough for everyone.
And probably too much of you.
And too much for you.

I made this simple, personal web site myself. It is hosted on a web server one son operates. It is in a collection of systems that actually, together, has quite a bit of horsepower.
Avail: over 35 cores, 45+g  ram, 6 TB + storage. all gigE net.
It is something to keep me out of trouble while retired.