I am not the first to use this abbreviation for roadkill.
I am not the first to use roadkill in my project.

There is at least an artist, a music group, and at least one computer enterprise that recycles equipment.
I peek every once in awhile.

But no one has my image (first page) and no one seems to have this as an acronym:

rdkl = Roadkill


This is intended to be a name for the hardware configuration, only. Each software concept has its own name.
A hardware organization composed of recovered, donated, retired computers, amalgamated into a framework to house and care for BRUCE.

Currently, 8+ dedicated, 12+ possible systems, in a gigE network.
Several terrabytes available; about 100 g ram; over 45 cores.
But I haven't been scrounging for any more, lately. Really, eq is the easy part.
Yeah, before I finish, I will probably have to have solar and a new AC circuit box. (Got that. Next: A/C for that eq.)

I am working on the modules.
There is a structural map of what I want and how it is all to be organized.

If someone should stumble across this and want to help, I can be emailed here.
(Be patient. I don't check email that often. Make sure the subject announces something I will notice
    or I will assume it will be spam since I don't know you. If I do know you, make sure you tell me.)

Yes, this is an extremely simple 'web' page.

I have a custom cluster management system, now. And most of the inter-module protocols ready to go.